Experience physics in the school lab

The Pupils' Laboratory at the Faculty of Physics offers pupils of the upper secondary school the opportunity to discover and understand topics from modern physics in challenging experiments. From nanotechnology to 3D technology in the cinema, a wide variety of experiments are offered here, which the pupils can usually carry out during a visit with their physics course or in individual practical courses under the guidance of physics teaching students. In this way, the laboratory not only offers interested pupils unique insights into science beyond the classroom, but also creates a first positive contact to the university and to students and scientists. In addition, the laboratory gives the participating student teachers the opportunity to gain experience for their future profession by supervising the students. They are supported by a physics teacher who gives didactic advice to the laboratory. With our offer we want to support the young generation of scientists and additionally offer our student teachers a platform where they can get in touch with schools and students during their studies and gain teaching experience.

Homepage: http://psi.physik.kit.edu